How to achieve work/life balance

So, you’ve landed your dream job. Congrats! You’ve put in the hard work to get here, but there’s still some work to do that isn’t as obvious—the effort it takes to achieve a work-life balance.

Balancing work and life outside of work is one of the many struggles of #adulting.

As a former employee of a public accounting firm, known for its taxing busy season and long hours, balancing work and life was something I needed to actively work on, or else my life would be consumed by work.

I’ll admit—sometimes I let my work/life balance suffer, and the scales would tip in favor of work, especially during busy season. But it’s important to realize that if you are crushing it outside of the office and other aspects of your life are satisfied, your experience in the office will be that much better.

I’m sharing my top 3 tricks to achieving work-life balance. Some are easier said than done, but I assure you each will help tip the scales back to a more equal disposition between work & play.

Set weekly goals for yourself.

This is something my roommate and I started doing a couple months ago. Monday mornings, I would text her and ask, “What are your goals for this week?” and we would exchange what we hoped to accomplish by the following Monday. Our goals ranged anywhere from making it to the gym 3 times, to reading on our subway commute, to scheduling at least 2 Hinge dates (lol, seriously).

These goals can be work-related, life-related, or both, but adding a layer of accountability to them makes them more tangible. Bonus tip: write these goals down somewhere, and once you’ve achieved them, cross them off. Nothing feels better than crossing things off a list, amirite?

Use your mornings wisely.

I know waking up early can be difficult, but waking up just an hour earlier than normal can do wonders for work/life balance.

Plan to do something productive in the morning a couple of times per week – whether it’s getting up early to do some laundry, exercise, or whatever other errands take up your time after work. Getting something done before work frees up your afternoon to either spend time on yourself, or, socialize & spend time with friends. I can’t tell you how many times I had to cancel plans or let my hobbies suffer because I felt this guilty nag to go to the gym after work, or because I had a pile of laundry waiting for me.

There’s no better feeling than leaving work and having an open evening ahead of you. Use this newly found free time to tip the scales back in life’s favor, however you feel fit.

Plan out your social calendar almost as meticulously as your work calendar.

Don’t laugh, I’m serious. This tip is particularly useful for staying on top of catching up with old friends, new friends, family—everyone’s busy, and sometimes just agreeing on a date can take weeks of coordination. If you want to truly crush your work/life balance and make time for the important people in your life, you’ll have to plan your social life out. This includes staying on top of family activities you have coming up & marking them in your calendar. Even when planning things with friends, my advice is to pencil each event into your calendar as you would a work meeting. This will keep you committed and accountable for plans, and, with everything scheduled out, it will be easy for you to see when you may need a break & plan time for yourself to recharge.

Hopefully these tips help you crush a work/life balance!

Xo, Raquel