How to look and feel your best at work

Most of us work 5 days a week, if not 6 or 7. If you count the time it takes you to commute and any activities you might join post work, professionals can be in their work attire for almost 12 hours a day.

You’ve heard the wise saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” But if its impossible for you to wear pajamas to work everyday, you should be able to dress in a way that is professional and comfortable at the same time. I’m here to offer some tips on how to make that happen!

Be prepared to impress

Whether your office dress code is full-on suits or the most casual environment, you should always have two things easily accessible: a beautifully structured blazer and heels. A black blazer that you can throw on over a dress, with jeans, or any other combination of outfits, will come in handy when you have that unexpected client meeting or a partner you’ve been trying to impress calls you into their office. Being able to slip on heels and a blazer will up the ante to any ensemble, and prove that you mean business. This advice is easier to execute if you have a dedicated officer or desk. For those with floating desks or open offices and might not know where they will be sitting day-to-day,

Wear clothing that fits

I don’t mean this to sound patronizing; in fact, it took me about 3 years to realize that the clothing I was buying for work did not fit me. And by that I mean, my preference for pants on the weekend was a tighter fit, one that would hug my curves, and so naturally that is the fit I went for when shopping for work clothes. Except on the weekend I was barely sitting when I would go out, and I was wearing jeans, pants that naturally stretch out over time. Trousers and work pants are not jeans. Even preferring a slimmer fit, my pants were constantly digging so far into my stomach that it was uncomfortable to sit! It took me until I wore a pair of pants that I thought were too baggy to work one day, that I realized I was not fidgeting and actually comfortable sitting down and doing work. I realized I wasn’t constantly standing up to readjust them. If your body is comfortable, your brain has less to worry about and it can concentrate on the task at hand - taking over the world. I promise, your butt will still look just as good.

Wear clothing that reflects your personality

Work clothing can feel boring and mundane, which is one of the reasons we are building Qatchcode, to make shopping for work much more fun and exciting. The stores that many women purchase work clothing from feels, blah. Colors are soft, cuts are safe, and patterns are cute. But clothing is one of the best forms of expression and you can dress like you and still follow your office dress code. Don’t limit yourself to just purchasing work clothes from the traditional stores - mix in that fun top with the semi-revealing back that you mentally stored in your “Going Out” compartment and pair it with a sweat or a blazer. If you love a fun pair of printed pants, match them with a plain white button-down. Fun shoes or accessories are the easier way to bring your personality to work. Who knows - that crazy piece you wear might be what strikes up a conversation with that director on that other team that you’ve been wanting to speak with.

Now get out there and build your empire!

Xo Nicole