What is "Beta”?

Beta is a term commonly used in the startup world that describes a form of user testing for your product or service before launching part, or all of it, to the public. Some Beta launches are public, some are not. We’ve chosen to launch our Beta test to a handful of individuals who have shown interest in our platform and who generally fall within our target demographic. While not perfectly representative of the interactive platform we are developing, this email service we teach us a lot about what our users want, as well as the accuracy of our algorithms. In turn, the feedback we receive from this Beta may help us save time and money when focusing on what to implement into our platform.

How do I sign up for Qatchcode’s Beta?


Beta has closed, but you can sign up to receive personalized emails once we launch! Sign up here.

Why do I have to answer a Style Quiz?


Our Style Quiz helps us judge whether a product is one you would wear or not. In order to make your life easier, we only want to display items that you could see yourself wearing and that you might be interested in purchasing. Style is incredibly personal and these questions give us a starting point to understand what you love.

What do I get once I answer the Style Quiz?


Within seven (7) days of completing your Style Quiz, you will receive an email from us containing 20 clothing recommendations from the brands you chose. These products were picked out just for you and are not part of a mass email campaign. You’ll be able to click each recommendation to be brought to the brand or retailer’s site in order to view more details about the product, including available sizes.

How does Qatchcode make money?


During Beta, we may receive a commission through one of our partners’ affiliate programs if a user purchases one of the items we recommend. Additionally, we may host ads in our emails.